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Welcome to Locked on Raptors: The Blog!

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Welcome to!

For just over a year now, you’ve loyally listened to me butcher the English language while trying to provide daily coverage of the Raptors. Now, in conjunction with FanRag Sports, this page will offer me the platform to do the same in written form.

We’re in the early days of the site. As with any new endeavor, it’ll take some time to figure out exactly what the tone of the site will be. I could come out and say I want to become to the go-to place for Raptors news and analysis, but that would be A) disingenuous and B) unrealistically ambitious in a market that, for my money, boasts more new media talent than any other in the NBA — thank you, hockey-obsessed networks.

So, what can you expect from

The podcast stays the same: daily, suspectly produced and featuring regular appearances from Vivek Jacob (North Pole Hoops, Raptors Republic) and Sahal Abdi (Raptors Republic). You can still listen to it on one of the million different podcast platforms, or you can go ahead and click the link for each show on here repeatedly. Your call.

When it comes to written content, this will be the home for my longer analysis pieces and breakdowns, quick reactions to Raptors-related news and, because we’re talking about 10 dudes throwing an orange circle into two other orange circles, some fun / silly / downright stupid pieces as well. Can I promise you new content multiple times a day? No — at least not right away. But whether it’s because I like to edit and re-edit every sentence I write, or because I have a deep-seated love of procrastination, I’ve always been more of a quality over quantity type of writer anyway. This intro post was written in the matter of minutes. There’s a reason it is bad.

As a ballpark estimate, look for about 20 non-podcast pieces of content for you to dig into over the course of a month. One genre I can guarantee will not be a regular part of the site, however, is game previews and recaps.

Those will live on as my sole written contributions to, at least for the time being. When I cover games this season, it will be as a credentialed writer through HQ, thus explaining why I’m keeping game-related articles under that umbrella. My regular Facebook Live shows and the weekly/bi-weekly podcast The HeadQuarters will also continue at HQ. Outside of those three things, if I’m writing, podcasting or awkwardly filming myself talking about the Raptors, you’ll find it here.

I’m also open to comments, questions or feedback about the site any time. My DMs on Twitter are always open (@WoodleySean), or you can email me at   

This is going to be a blast, and it wouldn’t be possible without David Locke putting in all of the work to set this up. Seriously, I’m not convinced he has slept since launching the Locked on Network over a year ago. But damnit am I ever appreciative of his commitment to growing the network. To help support what we’re doing, subscribe to the Locked On shows you like and value. Leave ratings, leave reviews, read the content we’re putting up across this new network of blogs and tell your friends about what we’re doing.

This is gonna be fun. I am excited; “Jakob Poeltl after dunking on Tim Hardaway” excited. 

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Podcast host and writer for Locked on Raptors, Raptors HQ and Hoop Talks Live. Terrence Ross believer. On Twitter @WoodleySean. It's 10 grown men playing with a ball -- let's have some fun with it.


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